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WHS Technology Newsletter


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Google For Education First Newsletter

This month, Google launched their first Google for Education newsletter.  Here are some highlights: Drive for Education, now with unlimited, free storage In a blog post yesterday we announced Drive for Education, which allows you to work without limits. Free to any school using Google Apps for … Continue reading

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Chrome’s Address Bar: Great Tricks

Just saw this from Genius Bar re-tweet.  Thorin Klosowski posted on lifehacker, The Secret Powers of Chrome’s Address Bar.   Check it out and see if you learn something new.

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iPass: Gradebook: Moving students into a new section

If you are moving a student from one section to another, prior to the schedule adjustment, teacher #1 should run a progress report for the student and send to teacher #2. You should follow the same process if it is … Continue reading

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Sharing Videos and Pictures Using AirDrop on IOS Devices

Check out this article from Peachpit.  It is easy to transfer video and photo’s from one IOS device to another.

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The Art of Failing in School and Succeeding in Life

Below is a link to a post by A.J. Juliani, a blogger who is about to publish a book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success.   I had written about … Continue reading

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Flipping Experiment: Explain Everything

Flipping Experiment: Explain Everything.

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Flipping Experiment: Stage

Flipping Experiment: Stage.

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Flipping Experiment: Knowmia

Flipping Experiment: Knowmia.

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Genius Hour

I stumbled upon this concept while reading Edutopia, Why “20% Time” is Good for Schools for some “flipping classroom” work.    It brought me back to a Google visit I had a couple of years ago in Cambridge.  I remember how powerful … Continue reading

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