Self Service to Upgrade to lastest Software without “Support”

Last Thursday, we experienced two incidents where people could not find their google documents.  It was discovered that these users did not have the latest version of Google Drive loaded on their computer.  We were going to ask all teachers to upgrade to the latest version through “Self-Service”, but instead pushed it out to all computers, to avoid any mishaps.

To keep your software up to date without having to depend on a support password, we have initiated “Self-Service”.  Most of you are familiar with it for student use and as a means for you to make sure your students have the licensed software that you need for your class.  But you can also use if for your computer upgrades.

Self- Service is accessible through Launch Pad.  Open it and “log in anonymously”. You access Launch Pad on your Dock, and you can scroll through the windows until you see the Self Service Icon:

Where to find Self Service

Launch Pad on your dock, and Self Service Icon

selfservicelog in

Once you select “Self Service”,  log in anonymously,

and then select “Self Service” on the right hand side.  There you will see the latest version of most software.  You will also see a Browser category, which you can use to upgrade browser software.inside selfservcie

Click on Install for any application you see and it will install the latest version for you.

Check back into self service often for any update that you are looking for.  This is the procedure to follow if you wish to get updates without requiring an administrators password.  The downside is you have to be at school to access it, and we don’t want you to do updates during school hours 7:30 – 2, unless of course it is an emergency.

Perhaps do an update when you come in to school in the morning and another before you go home.

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