Why Can’t You Read My PDF?

Mac Tip of the Week

Excerpted from OS X Mountain Lion: Peachpit Learning Series by Lynn Beighley

Why Can’t You Read My PDF?

You can create a PDF from Mac OS X Mountain Lion applications by choosing File > Print > Save as PDF, saving the file to your Mac with a name you assign. Graphics are at full resolution and fonts are embedded. Then you can send that PDF file as an email attachment to someone else, who should be able to read the PDF regardless of the kind of computer or operating system he or she uses. So you might think that choosing File > Print > Mail PDF would save you a step, attaching the PDF directly to the email message and sending it to the recipient, without having to save the PDF to disk as a file first. In most cases, you would be right. This option creates a PDF of the fle, opens Mail, creates a new message, and puts the PDF into the message, ready to send. However, we’ve noticed that people using AOL or PCs often can’t read the files created this way.

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1 Response to Why Can’t You Read My PDF?

  1. edehoratius says:

    You can also customize that menu with the ‘Edit Menu…’ option at the bottom, i.e. you can remove options that you don’t use and add new ones, e.g. specifying a location to save a .pdf (for instance if you have a .pdf folder).

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