Adobe Acrobat Pro: Tool to create documents that students can annotate

If you are interested in converting the documents that you have scanned Acorbate Prowith your department copier to a document that students can annotate, please make an appointment with Troy to have CS5/CS6 installed on your computer.

As you are aware, the documents that are scanned in through the copier actually create an image which students cannot highlight or annotate easily.  The CS5/CS6 package includes Adobe Pro which will allow you to convert these documents to OCR capability. Once converted, you can upload to itslearning and students will be able to annotate with either Adobe or Preview.

Understanding that it requires a lot of work to convert all documents that are already up in itslearning, you may wish to use this tool moving forward right now.  You can convert your legacy documents at a later date.

Here is a link to the steps to convert a document to OCR with Adobe Pro.  Please come see us for one on one instruction on how to do this and to get the software loaded onto your mac.

Here is a link to a video tutorial that Troy created.

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