Blogging: We are a Campus Site for Edublogs

Through a WSPF grant, Ed was able to get the high school a trial run of a campus license for Edublogs.  It has been set up and there are unlimited blogs for students to use.

I have discovered many resources on the Help site (help.edublogs.or).  There is a lot here, and I recommend the following:

There are many resources here.  Take advantage and let Ed know if you are interested in using Edublog.  We can get you set up in no time.

There are three learning webinars to explore more about blogging:

Note the dates: you have to act now!  Check times at the above link.

  1. Blogging with Students: January 31st at 8:  
  2. Blogging in the Classroom: February 1st
  3. Social Media Savvy for Educators: February 5
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1 Response to Blogging: We are a Campus Site for Edublogs

  1. edehoratius says:

    I would add to this too that, since all blogs will be under a teacher’s name (assuming you’re blogging with more than one class), it might be a good idea to provide a formula for their URL. Mine will be [class][year][period][lastname]. This way, on your dashboard, all the blogs are grouped however you want them to be rather than based on the random choosing of your students. I have grouped mine by class, and, if I were doing a blog for my Medieval Lit class, the URL suffix would be this: med134dehoratius (i.e. med = class / medieval; 13 = ’12-’13; 4 = period; last name).

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