Google Drive Research Tool

This evening I was putting together a presentation in Google apps,
and on the right hand side of my presentation was a new feature of Google that I had not

seen before, but had heard about this past weekend from Christopher Craft.  The new tool is the Research Tool.  When you are creating docs or presentations you can select the research option from the Tools menu.  OR  you can just right click (control click) on a specific word and select “Research”.

Now what is amazing is that you can search on a location and a map will come up, you just select insert and the map is inserted into your document/presentation.  You can search on images, web sites, quotations, and places.

When the information is inserted, it automatically cites where you are taking it from, and you have the ability to say which citation format you want as well as your license preference (think Creative Commons).  This helps avoid copyright issues.

This tool is like bringing the Google Search search bar right into your document or presentation. Such a great time saver and it makes it easy to collect all of the data you need and put it in one place to help support your argument.   I think this was modeled after EverNote.  You should try it, and then turn your students on to its capability.

Remember, Google adds about 2 new features a day!

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