Google Summit: SearchResearch!

This weekend I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at a Google Summit.  It was amazing!  I hope to add a tidbit of what I learned everyday.

On Sunday, the keynote speaker was Dan Russell. He works at Google, studies how people research and perform searches and just taught a free online google research class, called “PowerSearchingWithGoogle MOOC “.  He is offering a follow up to the class, in early January,  “Advanced Power Searching with Google”.  This is a “how-to” search class that’s the follow-up course to power searching.  It will run for 2 weeks, with 3 classes / week.  There’s a midterm and a final.  Pass both and we’ll get a Google certificate for power searching skills.

He has provided his PowerSearchingWithGoogle MOOC course material, here.  I am going to go through it and if anyone wants to join me, we can do it together as a group to be ready for the Advanced Power Search course in January.

His message was powerful.  The biggest gift we can give our students when they leave Wayland High School is the skill of finding information.   Think of all of the information out there.  It is impossible to stay on top of it.  We need to know how to use the tools and teach our students the same.  Google itself changes some feature or product twice a day!

If you want to challenge  yourself to some unique questions to try and solve, check out Dan’s SearchReSearch blog

Or you could start your day or your class with a “A Google A Day” search to get our students thinking.

Have fun.  Let me know if you want to do the Google Basic search course with me.  We can go at our own pace.

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