Tip of The Day: My Remote Won’t Work

Today I was in a classroom where the remote controller for the projector would not work.  This is because the projector needs to be turned on in a specific sequence.  If you do not follow these steps, the result is a remote that does not communicate with the projector.


1. Login to MediaMaster

2.  Select control on TV

3.  Select “ON” before you do anything else.  

4.  When the indicator light on the projector turns blue, you are ready to select which mode you want to work in; Computer, Doc Cam or STB.  Your remote will function and give you the ability to adjust brightness, choose a source or any other option you need to adjust.  BUT, DO NOT TURN OFF THE PROJECTOR WITH THE REMOTE!

5. When you are finished you can select the “Off Button” and then Log Out.  Log Out is located at the bottom of your page. 

6.  If you turn on the projector through MediaMaster first, then select your computer or document camera, you will not have a problem with your remote.  If you turn on your projector with MediaMaster, you should turn it off through MediaMaster.

7.  Please make sure you turn the projector off.  When you leave the classroom the blue light should turn to green, which indicates it is off.  The projector is smart enough to get very dim if it is not turned off, so it is understandable that you might just unplug your computer and walk off.  PLEASE TURN IT OFF, BECAUSE IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR THE NEXT PERSON TO GO THROUGH THE PROCESS AND BE CONFIDENT THAT THERE WILL BE NO ISSUES.   If you do not turn it off, but it appears that it is off, then the next person comes in and tries to turn it on and the projector gets confused.

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