Tip of the Day

This may seem small but I know at least one person who was thrilled.  The tip today is how you can use your remote to allow you to multi-task in the classroom.

There are two buttons on your remote that you may find useful:

Blank:  Puts the projector in a state that looks like it is off and nothing is projecting.  When you are ready to project what is underneath it, just select “blank” again.

Freeze:  This locks what is projecting on the board.  If you want to put a quiz or a set of vocabulary words up that your students are working on, but you want to access other documents on your computer while they are working, just select “freeze”.  This gives you the freedom to use your computer to be working on the next component without all of your students watching what you are doing. Just select “freeze” again to bring your active computer back into view.

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