iPad IOS5 Multitasking Switching:

With IOS5 you can switch easily between apps with four or five fingers.  You first should go to your settings and select “General” on your left.  Under General, make sure your “Multitasking Gestures” is set to on.

Once that is established, you can get to apps that you have used recently and to easily move between apps that you use frequently, with  the “Fast App Switcher” approach.

With four fingers on your screen, just scroll up and you the “App Bar” bar will appear at the bottom of your screen.  To close just tap the screen to hide the fast app bar.

The fast app bar allows you to move between most frequently used apps easily and in fact you are brought to the place that you left off when you come back to the app through the fast app bar.  Another tip with the app bar, is you can close a running app by tap and holding the app.  You will see the – sign.  just select that and the app will close.  Don’t worry you are not deleting it as you do on your screen.  This is a good tip that I picked up from my iPad Academy class from Dr. Andy Brovy, The Portable Prof,  to use if your app is giving you a problem. Close it out and then re-open.

You can also move between apps that are running just by swipping four fingers to the left or right of your home screen.

Finally, you can always be brought to your home screen no matter where you are, just by squeezing your five fingers together.

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